I got an email today from Sharon—a single, 43-year-old, college-educated woman who said she enjoyed DATE-ONOMICS but wanted to register a complaint. Sharon was frustrated that one of the tables in the appendix—the one that ranked U.S. cities and counties by their gender ratios—only included data for people in their 20s and 30s.

Sorry about that, Sharon. Here are the top 15 dating areas for women age 40-49, as ranked by the ratio of single, college-educated men to single, college-educated women in that age bracket.


City, Male:Female Ratio for College Grads 40-49

Des Moines, Iowa 2.3:1
Austin, Texas 1.5:1
San Francisco, Calif. 1.3:1
Denver, Colo. 1.2:1
Pittsburgh, Penn. 1.2:1
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1.2:1
Lake County, Ill. (Chicago suburb) 1.2:1
San Jose, Calif. 1.2:1
Washington, D.C. 1.1:1
Boston, Mass. 1.1:1
San Diego, Calif. 1.1:1
Seattle, Wash. 1.1:1
New York County, NY (Manhattan) 1.1:1
Atlanta, Georgia 1:1
Minneapolis, Minn. 1:1