According to San Francisco Book Review, DATE-ONOMICS “is fascinating stuff, backed by solid studies and statistics.” Here is SFBR’s Gretchen Wagner’s five-star review :

“Demographics show that there are, in fact, many more college- educated women than men. Author Jon Birger explains the historical reasons for this discrepancy, and the resulting (rather dismaying) dating implications. For example, where there are more women than men (e.g., NYC and many college campuses) relationships tend to be much more casual, fluid, and sexualized. Most frighteningly, micro-populations with this dynamic tend to have higher rates of sexual violence. A dearth of women tends to lead to longer, more stable relationships, higher marriage rates, and increased achievement by the men seeking to woo them. Perhaps intuitively not surprising, still this is fascinating stuff, backed by solid studies and statistics. The author does offer some recommendations for solving the dilemma: professional women might have better luck finding a soul mate at male-dominated STEM schools, or by dating outside their educational or occupational class (‘mixed-collar’ relationships). The picture painted for white-collar heterosexual men (lots of sex, little commitment) is either rosy, or disgusting, depending on your point of view. The writing is focused and brisk, easy and entertaining as befits a popular psychology book. Romance may not be dead, but it doesn’t hurt to play the numbers.”