When DATE-ONOMICS readers ask me to recommend other smart books on dating, Dollars & Sex by Marina Adshade — a professor of economics at University of British Columbia — is always high on my list. Thus I was flabbergasted when one of my readers sent me this YouTube clip of Prof. Adshade criticizing my argument in DATE-ONOMICS  that the oversupply of college-grad women is affecting the post-college dating market. After all, Adshade makes a very similar argument — albeit a racially-charged one — in Dollars & Sex. Adshade claims that African American teenagers are especially promiscuous due to the imbalanced sex ratios among African American high school students. Writes Adshade: “When we consider the observation that the recent high school completion rates are between 7 and 12 percentage points lower than for black women, all the evidence suggests that black teenage women are competing with each other and with women of other races for far fewer men on the high school market.”

Professor Adshade, please have your university lecture board invite me to Vancouver, and I’d be happy to debate your belief that the behavior of African American teenagers is much affected by lopsided sex ratios — yet the behavior mostly-white college graduates is not!