Here’s the latest DATE-ONOMICS news and reviews:

The book reviewer for The Yakima (Wash.) Herald concluded that whereas Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance “fell rather flat,” DATE-ONOMICS is “an intriguing look at how gender ratios and socio-economic factors can play a role in our interpersonal relationships.” My favorite line: “As far as statistically inclined books go, I consider DATE-ONOMICS to be several standard deviations above the mean.”

DATE-ONOMICS made its first holiday gift list! (It really is the perfect stocking-stuffer for all the single people in your life.)

The Guardian newspaper in London interviewed me for a three-page write-up on DATE-ONOMICS. It’s a fun story with fantastic art. And given the huge response from readers — 2,200 comments in one day! — I’m starting to wonder whether “The Dating Gap” should have been my book title. Oh well.

Continuing with the UK theme, London’s Telegraph newspaper also chimed in with their own DATE-ONOMICS STORY.

Cynthia Allen, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, used DATE-ONOMICS to discuss the connection between increasingly lopsided gender ratios on college campuses and the rise of hookup culture and the scourge of campus rape. Allen’s column also ran in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.

DATE-ONOMICS has been getting coverage in student newspapers too, including these stories in the student papers at Brigham Young University and West Virginia University. I was also interviewed by BYU Radio.

Two single-gal blogs recently published reviews. (I love the way Brits use the word “clever” instead of “smart.”) See: RinseBeforeUse and Girlwiththafro