DATE-ONOMICS has received so much media attention over the past two weeks—3,110 articles on Google News and counting—that everyone now wants to know who my publicist is. (It’s Noreen Herits at Workman Publishing, FWIW.) I’ve already posted links to Good Morning America and other TV and radio appearances. Here are some highlights from print media:

Time Magazine and ran a long excerpt from DATE-ONOMICS’ chapter on the marriage crises affecting Utah Mormons and Orthodox Jews.

The Washington Post’s WonkBlog interviewed me, an interview that was re-published in The Chicago Tribune.

The Washington Post also published my op-ed explaining why it was foolish of Vanity Fair to blame Tinder for the rise of the hookup culture.

The Seattle Times was one of over 100 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada that ran my interview with Associated Press lifestyles reporter Leanne Italie.

The Huffington Post did their own Q&A with me.

My book tour took me to Los Angeles, where I had a fun sit-down with The Jewish Journal’s Jared Sichel. Topics: The Shidduch Crisis among Orthodox Jews — and why Jewish moms everywhere should lay off their still-unmarried daughters.

National newspaper Metro named DATE-ONOMICS one of “3 new books to read this Labor Day Weekend.”

I am a graduate of Brown University, and I’ve always been a little jealous of fellow Brown journalists whose books got reviewed by the Brown Alumni Magazine. Now I don’t have to be jealous!

Miami New Times and Fort Lauderdale Daily wrote about DATE-ONOMICS identifying South Florida a dating mecca for young, college-grad single men (and a dating hell for women).

Washingtonian magazine interviewed me to find out “why dating sucks in D.C., ladies.”